Card payment

Milna will send you a special link to make your payment by bank card in euros.

The steps to follow:
To start, click on the link received from Milna.
“Numéro de la carte” : Type your bank card number.
“Date d’expiration” :
Type the expiry date of your bank card
“Code de sécurité” : Type the CVV of your bank card
“Nom sur la carte” : Type the name of the holder of the bank card
In “Total à payer à « Milna »” you will see the amount that Milna will receive, it should match your order
In “Total à payer” you will see the amount to pay.

If it is not matching the “Total à payer à « Milna »” note that the payment platform website has added a suggested tip for them.
Up to you to leave it as it is or modify it to another amount or to 0.

Click on the yellow box “Payez” to validate your payment.

Any difficulty, please contact us

The steps to follow:
To start, click on button below “Payer”
“Je choisis mon montant (TTC)” : Type the amount of your payment, in Euros.
“Vous êtes” :
Un particulier
“Nom” : Family name/ Surname
“Prénom” : First name / Given name
“Date de naissance” : Date of birth
“Email” : Email address
Adresse : Address
“Code postal” : Pin code / Postal code
“Country”: Country
“Order number”: Mention the order number given to you

In “Récapitulatif” you will see:
“Montant (TTC)” : The amount of  your payment you have already entered above
“Votre contribution au fonctionnement de HelloAsso” :  Click on “Modifier” to modify the suggested contribution to the payment platform. It is just a suggestion by the website and you can leave it as it is, modify it or change it to 0.
“Total du paiement” : The total amount you are about to pay
Tick the 1 or 2 boxes before the “Valider et payer”
“Valider et payer” :
Submit to pay

Any difficulty, please contact us


Typically replies within few minutes

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