Milna Person

For the Participant, a Milna Person is:

  1. The guarantor of the moral, physical and emotional security of the Participant
  2. The one who will be sad to see you eating chips and junk food at 8:00 am right after a good breakfast
  3. The one who will motivate you to try the food on your plate instead of jumping at your sweets, chips, biscuits etc
  4. The one checking with you everyday if you are fine
  5. The one asking you for your opinion and suggestions
  6. The one who will give you opportunities to take responsibilities and grow
  7. The one who will brief you 10 times to make sure you will cross the road as per the traffic rules
  8. The one who will remind you to stay away from the edge of the metro platform
  9. The one who will ask you to remove your headphone from your ears when we are doing an activity
  10. The one who will help you interact with the locals when you feel shy or lazy
  11. The one who will send to the parents hundreds of photos and videos to keep them updated
  12. The one who will react quickly to take you to the hospital or a doctor if needed
  13. The one who will alert you when some pickpockets are around
  14. The one who will remind you to say “Bonjour” and “Merci”
  15. The one who will ask you to switch off the light when you leave your room
  16. The one who will help you decide what and where to buy things
  17. The one who will help you with your Tax Refund
  18. The one who will get very upset if you keep removing your seat belt while in a moving vehicle
  19. The one asking you to wear your helmet correctly while ice skating
  20. The one asking you to be on time to be able to do what is on the schedule
  21. The one who will remind you to call back your parents and speak with them
  22. The one asking you to not eat in the vehicle to keep it clean for you and the group
  23. The one who will encourage you to do that attraction in the park that scares you
  24. The one who will tell you things about the places you are visiting
  25. The one who will advise you to sleep enough at night to not sleep each time you sit on a chair

You have understood now how important is the Milna Person for your project.


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