Astérix Park


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Highlights of the Project:
Discover the magic of Parc Astérix – where timeless Gaulish fun meets exhilarating modern rides! Unleash the adventure within!

Our Strengths:
– Go to Asterix Park with your group
– Get motivated by our Milna person who will encourage you to face any of your eventual fears.

– We follow the security instructions strictly, especially when outdoors.
– We follow the French law protecting the youth while organizing a travel.
– A Milna person is with the group during the entire visit, reachable at all times.

Responsible traveler:
– We use the public transportation when available.
– We use small and recent vans, fuel efficient, when the public transportation are rare.
– We limit the group detritus to reduce the impact of the carbon footprint caused by this project.

Usually, the park(s) is/are open between 10:00 and 19:00.

The Park is open daily from end of March till August End. Other months, it is open occasionally. (Check with us if needed)

A lunch is included.

Transport to/from Asterix Park is included.

For the Participant staying Outside Paris region, a one night hotel stay is included in the “Outside” rate.

Terms and Conditions

You need to select the appropriate options to see the rate displaying
→ “Age“: Select the age you will have during the project. Let’s say that you are now 15 and before or during the project, you will be 16, then please select 16.
→ “From“: Select the location of your accommodation/French family. If outside Paris, 77, 78, 91, 92, 93 or 95, select “Outside” which will include one night hotel in the area.
Contact us, if you need clarifications.

Who can go?
– Participants to our projects.

Rate including:
– The entry to one or both parks as per the Participant selection
– 1 Adult ticket for each 10 paid Participant
– Lunch at Asterix Park
– Transportation to/from Asterix Park
– One night hotel breakfast, and dinner (Only for the “From: Outside” rate”)
– The management of the group by at least one Milna person

The rate does not include:
– Personal expenditure

What "Outside" means?

If your host family or accommodation is not in Paris 75 or the following departments 77, 78, 91, 92, 93, 94 or 95, it means you are “Outside”, which does not always allow a same day trip between the accommodation and Asterix Park.
In such case, you will need a hotel night to stay before or after your Asterix Park day.
Milna will confirm to you if you need a hotel or if a same day trip is possible.

Lunch is provided?

Yes, lunch is provided during your Asterix Park day. Usually a burger  (Veg and Non Veg available) fries, drink and dessert.

Transportation is provided?

Yes, a return transportation is provided between your accommodation and Asterix Park during your Asterix Park day.