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Project Highlights
Berlin is a young city with a rich past, moving day and night: there are there any existing trends, lots of art and cinema, but also architecture, music, theater, dance … Berlin has an incredible attraction force, an amazing enthusiasm in this moody and civilized Europe today. This is where another lifestyle still seems possible. Artists and designers come from all over the world.

Our Strengths:
– Discover Berlin with one of our Milna group leader, who is well acquainted with Berlin
– A comfortable big apartment/house in Berlin area, where the entire group will stay (If the size of the group allows it)
– Visit the famous monuments and also what is usually hidden or unknown to the tourists
– Security and respect for the safety rules

– We follow the security instructions, especially while outdoors
– We follow the French law that protects the youth, while organizing a travel program
– A Milna person is with the group during the entire Project, who’s reachable at all times

Responsible traveler:
We make an effort to reduce the impact of the carbon footprint caused by this project

This is the program itinerary based on a stay in Berlin area
The order of the activities might change but all what is written will be covered and much more if the group has energy and time.

Day 1

Flight India-Berlin, airport transfer and check-in at the hotel/flat. Once ready, we will head for a visit of the concerned area

Day 2

Starting with the Museum Island and its Pergame, then we head to the most famous monument of the capital: Reichtag, Berliner Dom and Brandebourg gate. (Meetings with German students can be organised)*

River Spree and Museum Island

Brandenburg gate

The Reichstag

Day 3

The Spree Embankment, Unter den Linden, the German Champs Elysées and evening in Oranienburgerstrasse and its Tacheles. (Meetings with German students can be organised)*

Day 4

The modern Berlin with Check Point Charlie, the Jewish museum, then the nice Friedrichshain in East Berlin, evening around Alexanderplatz. (Meetings with German students can be organised)*

Berlin Wall


Day 5

Charlottenburg castle in the west of Berlin: Castle and gardens. While coming back, we will stop at Kurfürstendamm a road that cross Berlin West. (Meetings with German students can be organised)*

The damaged church, Kurfürstendamm road

Charlottenburg castle

Day 6

Time for the upcoming Berlin with Kreuzberg and  Prenzlauer Berg  where will will take the time to discover the streets, shops… (Meetings with German students can be organised)*

Day 7

Visit of Potsdam, it was a residence of the Prussian kings and the German Kaiser, until 1918

Sanssouci castle in Potsdam

Day 8

Day cycle in Berlin

Day 9

According to flight timing, last visits then return flight Berlin-India.

* The interactions with the German students are optional, only if the group wishes it.
Your wish to meet German students has to be announced at the booking step.
It can be done, as per school availability in the mornings or the afternoons, week-ends and holidays excluded.

Terms and Conditions

You need to select the appropriate options to see the rate displaying
→ “Age“: Select the age you will have during the project. Let’s say that you are now 15 and before or during the project, you will be 16, then please select 16
→ “From“: Select the airport from where you want to start your project. If your desired airport is not displayed, please contact us
→ “Payment terms“: It needs to be coherent with the selected month in “When“. Let’s say that we are the 25th January and you’ve mentioned your wish to go in April. In such case, your departure is in more than 60 days but less than 90 days. You need to select the 60 days payment terms if you plan to make the payment at least 60 days before the departure
Contact us, if you need clarifications

When can I go?
– A Discovery Experience to Germany is possible throughout the year
– The optional visits to a German School and eventual nights at a German Family might be possible when there is no school holidays
– In case of School Holidays, if opted for the involvement in the school, it will be replaced with involvement spent with local educational organisations having teenagers of similar age. Contact us if you are planning to go during a period where the German schools are closed
– Here is the calendar displaying the dates when the German schools are closed

For how long?
– 8 nights in a big apartment/house, else in a hotel (Depends the size of the group and availability)
– Optional: 1, 2 or 3 additional nights stay with a German Family. Subject to feasibility and availability
– Want a different duration? Contact us

Rate including:
– The accommodation
– Health & Travel insurance
– The meals (Breakfast, lunch and diner)
– All the transportation from the selected airport of departure
– The visits and activities as per the program
– The management of the group by at least one Milna person during the entire project
– Preparation meetings before the departure (Online or on site as per your location)
– Assistance for the eventual Visa application
– One adult from your group for every 10 participants (It can be a teacher, parent… willing to be a positive contribution to the project)
– Certificate for each participant

The rate does not include:
– Personal expenditure
– Eventual Visa fee to the country/ies of the project
– Transfer to/from the starting concerned airport
– What is not mentioned in “Rate including

Eventual options:
– German Sim card
– Extra days in Berlin
– Excursion in a neighboring country
– Stopover in another country (As per the airline stopover)
– Departure from another airport, upon request

About the “150 and 120 days payment terms”:
For the 150 and 120 days payment terms, we will do our maximum to respect your preferred date of departure, however, the dates of the project must be flexible /- 7 days.

The flight:
– Possible from the displayed city/ies above, in the “From” dropdown. For other airport, please contact us.
– Dates are changeable /- 72 hours.

Valid passport Eventual Visa (As per your citizenship).

– Our team has a pharmacy adapted to the destination.
– Anywhere you go in Europe, no vaccination is mandatory. (With Covid situation, vaccine might be compulsory to ease the travel)
– A member of Milna is present with the traveling group during the entire length of the stay. He/ She will ensure the security and safety of the group.
– In case of an emergency, the traveler will be taken into care by the nearest hospital. If needed, he will be repatriated in the best conditions.

– The parents of the participant will have the full details of the French school and hotel before the departure (address, phone, email…)
– Milna will share the contact of the Milna person who is going to be with the participant
– Milna will update the parents by daily messages/photos/videos on a specially created Whatsapp group.
– Milna will provide the participant and his parents with a 24h number to reach someone from Milna at any time.

Where will the Accompanying adult stay? (41A)

The Accompanying adult(s) of the group will be staying in the same hotel, flat or house, in a room separated from the Participants.

How, we parents, can have updates about our daughter or son? (35A)

1- A Whatsapp group will be created and the participant and his family are invited to join it to get updates. The Milna person sends a lot of pictures, videos and information about the group.
2- Milna maintains a project’ blog in which we mention among other information, the itinerary and the calendar of the participants. So the family of the participant can know what he/she going.
3- Each participant is requested to have a local sim card to be easily reachable. The parents can get update directly.
4- The Milna person and the Accompanying adult will also be reachable in case the participant is “too busy” to update his family.

How much pocket money should the participant carry? (33A)

For sake of the participant private expenditure (shopping etc.), you can give some pocket money, it all depends on what the participant would like to buy from France. In general, we believe that 15 Euros per day is largely enough to fulfill the normal shopping desires.

During the project, how, we parents, can stay in touch with the participant? (28A)

Before the start of the project, Milna will invite the participant and his relatives to join a special Whatsapp group, in which, we send daily update with photos, videos… to keep everyone updated.
Each participant is advised to have a local sim card to be reachable at anytime.
The Accompanying adult(s) and the Milna person(s) will be reachable and will facilitate the communication in case a participant is “too busy” to give news to his parents…

What about Travel and Health insurance? (24A)

A travel and health insurance is included in the given rate. It is protecting you as per the insurance coverage. The insurance is in compliance with the Embassy criteria. Milna will provide you a copy of your insurance policy before applying for your visa.

How do I get my visa? (23A)

If you need a visa, Milna will facilitate your visa formalities. Our team will provide you the special list of required documents for the visa and the steps to follow. We also remain available to have a look at your documents and reply to your questions, doubts or special cases.

Visa support

Who will take care of me? (12A)

In most cases the Accompanying adult (usually a teacher) from your school shall accompany you to France. During the entire project, a Milna person, who knows France and its culture very well, stays with the group. You can contact the Accompanying adult and the Milna person for any assistance at any time.

What will I eat? (11A)

You will be enjoying local delicacies that will be respecting your diet and preferences that has been mentioned in the Unique Form Participant.

Example of lunch at school

How the payment deadlines work? (10A)

The principle is simple: The earliest you book your project and pay, more you will save. By paying us in advance, we can prepare the project in advance. We get better prices so we make you benefit from this saving, hence the different deadlines.
Let’s say you select the 90 days’ deadline, it means, that 100% of the payment needs to reach us no later than 90 days before the departure. If you have already paid 25%, the remaining payment will be 75% to send us no later than 90 days before the departure. If your payment is not reaching us before the 90 days’ deadline, then the  60 days’ deadline will apply. (Check our rates to know the exact amount). If today is the 91st day before the departure and you want the 90 days’ deadline, you have to send us 100% of the amount to respect the deadline and avail the 90 days special offer, but no later than that.

Where I will stay? (6A)

All the participants will stay together in a private flat/house or a hotel in Berlin area, depending on the group’s size and time of the year.