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What you get?
– Get euros at your arrival or whenever you need during the Milna project directly from the Milna person with your group.
– If you have extra euros left, we will send them back to you for free (no fee taken from Milna)
– Safe! You don’t have to carry all your money with you all the way. The Milna person can give it to you on request partly or entirely, as you wish! (Whenever there is an ATM or pay for you the expense directly)
– If you have Google Pay or Apple pay or similar on your phone, we can give you a card number to add to your phone and be able to pay most expenditure directly with your phone, like a local!

How it work?
1- Place your order in EUR currency AND pay by “Bank Card (EUR)”:
The Milna person will give exactly that amount to the Participant.
2- If you place your order in any other currency: The Participant will get around 97% of the equivalent amount in EUR (Milna does not charge any fee in addition to the bank fee taken)