Get Indian rupees


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Reasons to choose this service:
– Do you want to get rupees upon your arrival?
– Do you want to avoid receiving counterfeit bills?
– Do you wish to save time by skipping the queue at ATMs or exchange offices?
– Do you want to ensure you have cash upon arrival and not find an empty ATM?
– Do you want to avoid exchanging your Euros at an unfavorable exchange rate?
– Do you want to save on bank withdrawal and card payment fees?
– Do you want to have small denominations for small purchases (water, coffee, sandwich…) that are impossible with large bills from ATMs?
– Do you want to be able to exchange any remaining INR at the end of your stay, even coins?

Potential fees:
1- If you pay by bank transfer: No additional fees
2- If you pay by credit card: Our payment platform charges us, for a standard card from the European Economic Area, 1.5% + €0.25
3- 1% fee: If the amount to be exchanged reaches us less than 7 days before the exchange

How to confirm your order:
– Simply place an order through this page
– Choose the correct date
– Select the amount of euros you want to exchange
– Confirm the order in the participant’s name
– Then, send us the amount to be exchanged by bank transfer or credit card
– The equivalent will be available on the date chosen by you
– We mix large and small denominations to facilitate your expenses
– We can take back any remaining INR, even coins

Conditions for taking back:
– We only take back the remaining INR that we exchanged for you initially.
– Taking back your INR, even coins, at the end of your stay for 1% of the amount.

Shipping: This product will be handed over to you directly upon your arrival in India, on the selected date.