The French Law

Our regulatory framework is based on the the French law. The Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports is the the supervisory authority. during our projects, our team must STRICTLY FOLLOW and respect the regulations of THIS SUPERVISORY AUTHORITY. All our staff members are subject to the strict application of this framework.The French law comprises strong texts controling the projects involving minors as participants. Year after year, the law is updated. The French Government has divided each activity into various sections and is a compilation of over hundreds of pages of rules and regulations. Here, we give you a brief precedent of the same. Such compilation makes the French Law one of the world’s most structured, organized and protective laws.

Management of the Group:
– The profile of the adults managing the group
– The qualification of the adults managing the group
– The prior screening and verification

Health and Safety of the Group:
– Protection of minors
– Prevention of hazards and medical and other assistance
– Child care/medical treatment for disabled, if any
– The safety of persons and property
– The hygiene and quality control of food

The Activities:
– The educational project
– Motor sports activities
– Waters ports activities
– Other sports activities
– Mountain terrain activities
– Camping activities
– Projects abroad

Other Responsibilities:
– Special arrangements for activities with children under 6 years old
– Insurance
– Special arrangements in case of extreme weather conditions


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